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Air-Sea Battle contains six types of shooting games: anti-aircraft, torpedo, shooting gallery, Polaris, bomber, and Polaris vs. bomber. Within each of these games are various selectable options, which add up to the 27 game variations advertised on the manual.The anti-aircraft games (1-6) involve shooting down different types of aircraft including small jets, large jets, helicopters, 747s, and observation blimps. The torpedo games (7-12) have you firing torpedoes at PT boats, aircraft carriers, pirate ships, freighters, and mines. The shooting gallery games (13-15) simulate a carnival atmosphere where you aim at rabbits, ducks, and clowns.In the Polaris games (16-18), you control a moving boat whose mission is to shoot down small jets, large jets, helicopters, and 747s. The bomber games (19-21) are similar to the Polaris games, except that the roles are reversed: You are the pilot of a plane trying to bomb PT boats, aircraft carriers, pirate ships, and freighters. Finally, the bomber vs. Polaris games (22-27) pit a plane against a boat in one-on-one combat.All games last for two minutes and 16 seconds or when a player reaches 99 points. Air-Sea Battle can be played alone or with another player, depending on the game and option selected.Air-Sea Battle was one of the first games released for the Atari 2600 and is identical to Target Fun, released by Sears, with the exception of the game's manual, which contains different artwork and uses the term "missile" in place of "Polaris."

Air-Sea Battle

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