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Based on the popular arcade game, Amidar is a Pac-Man-inspired maze game in which you adopt the role of a gorilla attempting to paint a maze while being pursued by pigmy warriors. Your character paints in areas he surrounds as he moves along the grid. Paint the entire maze and you will begin again in the next round, this time as a paintbrush pursued by faster, unruly pigs. Complete this round, and you're a gorilla once again.

As you work your way through the levels the enemies become faster, numbering between five and six depending on difficulty setting and level. Four times per life, players may turn pursuers into destroyable chickens by filling in all four of the corner boxes, or temporarily turn enemies into shadows (which will pass right through you) by pressing the fire button.

Amidar has only one game, which begins the moment you turn on the power switch. The difficulty switch settings are opposite of most Atari 2600 games, with 'A' being the "easy" setting. Difficulty switch 'A' starts the game at level one, with five enemies traveling at the slowest speed, while difficulty switch 'B' starts the game at level three, with six enemies traveling at a faster speed.

Amidar from factory case