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After a routine space exploration mission goes awry, you find yourself marooned on the planet Mazeon. To add insult to injury, the robotic residents are out to kill you. Now you're forced to fend off these relentless robots as you move through endless mazelike environments. In Berzerk, the goal is to make your way past the electrified walls forming each screen while using your laser gun to blast the hostile threats known as Automazeons. Firing your weapon involves pointing the joystick in one of eight directions and pressing a button. You can also lead robots into walls and even into their own shots to defeat them.

Points are awarded for every robot destroyed, and up to 255 extra lives can be earned for every 1,000 points scored. Once all robots are eliminated from the screen, you may have to escape the grinning face of Evil Otto. This supernatural being controls the Automazeons and will try to run into you, depending on the level you select. Since he is often invincible, you'll need to run as fast as you can to one of the available exits. Twelve game variations offer non-shooting robots, different point requirements for earning lives, and a choice of an invincible or rebounding Evil Otto. Berzerk for the Atari 2600 is based on the arcade game by Stern Electronics, Inc.