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In BMX Airmaster, it's you and your bike trying to rack up as many points as possible by performing a variety of tricks in the half pipe, quarter pipe, and ramp jump, with eight tricks and eight combinations to learn, each varying in difficulty and point level. Start in the half pipe, catching big air while pulling off flips and rotations. After 90 seconds, move on to the quarter pipe, with three attempts to perform your best combinations. Then, it's on to the ramp jump, where landings are crucial.

Once you've successfully completed all three events, it's back to the half pipe again, with a decreased margin of error. Every time you crash, you'll lose a life, so you need to make sure your landings are clean. Of course, if you worry too much about the landings, you won't score any points. You do receive one extra life for every circuit of three events you complete. A practice mode lets you learn tricks and combinations before entering into the competitive arcade mode. In addition, each mode has two skill settings -- standard and advanced -- selected with the difficulty switches.

BMX Air Master damaged corner