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Looks like after market shrink wrap. Football for the Atari 2600. All offensive plays can be pass plays, except when a ""punt"" play is set. Any player (including your opponent) is an eligible receiver. All passes must be made behind the ""line of scrimmage"" or the line on which the play started. To punt, push the red controller button to program the ""punt formation."" After the play starts, push the red button again and your Quarterback will kick the ball. On a punt play only the defensive back can catch and return the ball. If the ball is not caught, the computer will randomly select the yardage or length of your kick. In games 1 and 2, the path of the ball on a pass or punt can be ""steered"" after it leaves the Quarterback by using the Joystick. You can steer the ball left or right only.


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