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Inspired by the classic children's story of The Three Little Pigs, Oink! has you playing the part of each pig as you try to seal your straw, wood, and brick houses from the terrible huffing and puffing of the Big Bad Wolf. You begin the game enclosed in a yellow house with three layers of bricks along the bottom wall. The object is to prevent the wolf from creating a large enough opening to pull you out. Every time the wolf blows his foul breath at the house, he'll eliminate pieces of the wall.

A row of bricks at the top of the screen can be used to fill any gaps created by the wolf. Move your pig next to a free brick, press the red button to grab it, and release the button so it drops into place. Four points are earned each time you patch the wall, and an additional four points are earned for every row thereafter. Of course, the wolf will move faster and faster as you use up each row of bricks. Lose a pig in the straw house and you'll advance to the next house until all three pigs ar