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As the pilot of a delta-wing fighter, you are engaged in air combat with an unnamed enemy. With your arsenal of guided missiles, proximity missiles and rapid-fire machine guns, your job is to blow an assortment of drones, interceptors, patrollers, escorters, stealth fighters, bombers and super bombers out of the sky. You are given a limited amount of ammo for each weapon, and other than the drones, each of the enemies can shoot back at your fighter.

To help you find the enemies and the much-needed fuel tankers, your ship is equipped with a long-range radar. Also, you've got a missile-lock radar to help you aim your guided missiles. These missiles are especially useful for destroying bombers.

Radar Lock has five missions, each of which is composed of two waves. At the end of each mission, you must refuel while in flight.

In the two-player mode, the flight officer flies the ship while the weapons officer selects weapons and fires them. The action in both modes of play is viewed from behind the fighter.

Radar Lock