They are all really close to each others shape. I can send pictures before you buy if need be. Also best copies go first. Raiders of the Lost Ark is an adventure game based on Steven Spielberg's 1981 hit movie. You control none other than Indiana Jones himself, a world famous archaeologist and adventurer. The object of the game, as in the movie, is to find the Ark of the Covenant. Gameplay consists of traversing various screens and collecting objects which may or may not be useful in your quest. You'll find a trusty whip, a key, a grenade and some mysterious relics whose purpose is initially unknown. And shouldn't there be a shovel around here somewhere? Only by discovering the usefulness of these objects will you unlock the secrets of the game and reveal the true location of the Ark. Raiders of the Lost Ark is unique in that it uses both joysticks, even though it is only for one player. The right controller is used to control Indiana Jones, and the other is used to select items in your inventory. Up to six items can be carried at once.

Raiders of the Lost Ark