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It just wouldn't be an Atari machine without at least one version of Pong, would it? But at least Realsports Tennis is dressed up a bit to look a little more like tennis. One player can challenge the computer, or two players can take each other on, and standard tennis rules apply. A nice feature of the Atari 5200 version is each player's ability to enter their name on the scoreboard, but the tradeoff there is in using the numeric keypad to "aim" the ball into a particular sector of the opposing player's court. There's just something not quite as immediately responsive about the keypad as opposed to the Atari VCS edition's simple fire button action. The graphics are at least nice, and the non-centering joysticks don't significantly impede gameplay (which is good, as the use of the keypad slows things down enough as it is).

Real Sports Tennis 5200