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Enemy robot tanks are slowly but surely advancing across the nation, firing at anything and everything in their paths. As commander of your own fleet of robot tanks, you must stop this reign of terror.

The robot tanks you pilot are so sophisticated that you don't actually have to be in them. You can control the tanks and see the battlefield from a remote control station. As you drive a tank over the bumpy land, enemy tanks come into range and fire at you. Using your gun sight and a circular radar scan as a guide, you can fire at the tanks and at their rockets, or you can try to avoid the confrontation, primarily by maneuvering to the left or the right.

If you get hit by enemy fire, you will either sustain damage to your cannons, treads, radar screen or video relay, or your tank will be completely destroyed. When you destroy 12 enemy tanks, you get an extra tank.

Robot Tank begins in the sunshine, but weather conditions can quickly turn to fog, rain or snow. Also, you must be prepared to drive your tank in the dark of night.

Robot Tank

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