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Space Attack takes the idea of outer space combat on the Atari 2600 to a different level. Your mother ship is coming under attack from six enemy fleets of different strengths. You have only three fleets of three ships to defend your ship. If the enemy gets too close, your mother ship is defenseless. Only by acting quickly and appropriately can you hope to survive.

The game has two modes of play. In the radar mode, you direct your ships to intercept and attack enemy fleets. Once one of your flight groups reaches an enemy fleet, you jump into battle mode and attempt to destroy them all.

The enemy won't remain idle, though. They'll be gunning for you as you try to kill them. The enemy fleets can hold between 6 and 13 ships, all of which must be destroyed before the battle is over. Every time you take a hit, one ship in the fleet is destroyed.

You will have to act fast to succeed, because the enemies are coming from all different directions. Sending all your ships away can leave the mother ship vulnerable and defenseless.

Space Attack

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