You must protect your fruit orchard at all costs! Spiders are trying to pilfer your oranges, grapes, strawberries and bananas, so shoot them down with your poison-pellet firing cannon.

Move left or right while blasting four types of creatures trying to destroy you: a Master Nest, Stingers, Spy Pods and Green Widows. You'll begin each level with three pieces of fruit in the left corner of the screen. Four waves of insects will appear one after another, all initiated by the Master Nest.

Not only can this creature spawn other enemies, but it's the only one that can steal fruit (by carrying it off-screen). Once you've cleared the first four waves, play will resume with new fruit until you reach bananas, at which point you'll have to fend off unlimited waves.

Players will receive an additional blaster if all three pieces of fruit make it through a wave unscathed, but only four cannons can be stored in reserve at any given time. As with most shooters on the Atari 2600, the difficulty switches allow for either guided or straight pellets. Rack up 40,000 points to become a true Spider Fighter!

Spider Fighter


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