Designed for use with Atari's paddle controllers, Street Racer was one of the
original nine titles released when the Atari 2600 hit retail outlets across the nation. Up
to four players can race simultaneously in six types of games, totaling 27 variations in all.

In the self-titled series of games, your goal is to score points by dodging oncoming cars
while speeding along a track. In the Slalom games, you put on a pair of skis and steer
your way through a series of gates, scoring a point for every gate you pass.

Dodgem has you back in a car, this time dodging moving obstacles. In Jet Shooter you're a fighter pilot, flying a missile-shooting jet. Your job in this game is to shoot or avoid enemy aircraft. You get a point for every enemy you destroy.

In the Number Cruncher contest, your job is to run over numbers (2, 4, 6) on a track while riding a motorcycle. The higher the number, the more points you score. Last but not least, Scoop Ball has you catching balls and depositing them into a Computer Scooper. You score one point for every ball you catch and three points for every ball you deposit.

Each game ends when a player scores 99 points or when two minutes and 16 seconds have elapsed. When the difficulty switch set to 'A', the player loses a point for each collision he or she is involved in. The races run vertically, and the action is viewed from directly above the tracks.

Street Racer